VK Imports was founded in 1999 By Val and Ken Sapiak- hence the name "VK Imports"

After having a son who was diagnosed with severe: Asthma, Allergies, and Eczema we were on a misson to try and find natural holistic products that would benefit his aliments without putting his health at risk.

It all started in 1999 when we went to the CNE as a family. When walking down the isles we noticed that there was one booth in particular that seeemd to be very busy- the curiosity got the best of us and we went to investigate. After we were educated on the aromas naturals product we decided to try the Eucalyptus and Lemon aroma jar for our son's asthma and allergies. Within 3 days of using the product we immediatly noticed a significant improvement in his breathing. This was incredible to us, as this was a kid who had to use his asthma inhaler on a daily basis as well as being hospitalized on several occasions due to asthma attacks.

Our product line consists of chemical free-natural herbal ingredients without parabens, sulfates or phosphates. 

We are proud to mention that our products are Canadian-made with the expection of our crystal files which are manufactured in Czech Republic. We have seen  first- hand the research and education that is required to develop such a unique product line, as we have been actively involved in the development of some of our products. Our products are manufactued by licensed facilities.